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Here are some of the areas of law where we can help you.


Criminal Law            

When your freedom is on the line, you need a fighter.  The time to get a lawyer in a criminal case is not when you are charged but when you think you may be charged.  So ask to talk with a lawyer before you talk to Officer Friendly.  Remember, if you wait until you are charged to get an attorney, you’re letting the prosecutor get in the first punches.

You need a lawyer who knows how the other side works.  With his experience both as a defense attorney and as a prosecutor, Carl Kinsky knows both how to get favorable plea deals and how to try cases to win.  If the prosecutor doesn’t think your lawyer can try cases, you may not get a fair shake.

You need a lawyer who is fearless.  Carl Kinsky has defended people accused of sexual offenses.  He understands that children can be manipulated and, yes, sometimes lie.  He understands that the police sometimes make mistakes and jump to conclusions, and, yes, even sometimes make things up.

You need a lawyer who will work hard.  Carl Kinsky understands that early and thorough investigation can win a case more often than trial theatrics and gamesmanship.


Drug Offenses

Sometimes drug charges can be more harmful than the drugs themselves. A marijuana charge can change your life.

You need an attorney who understands that drug addiction is a disease, not a moral failure. You need an attorney who can assist you in recovery and who can document your recovery for a judge and prosecutor.

You need an attorney who knows the law on actual and constructive possession and knows how to refute allegations of “intent to distribute”. You need an attorney who knows how to deal with testimony from confidential informants and undercover officers.

With his experience defending and prosecuting drug cases, Carl Kinsky can help you through the minefield of drug laws.


DWI and Traffic

When you face a DWI or traffic ticket, you’re facing two attacks – the prosecutor, who may want jail or a fine, and the Director of Revenue, who may want to revoke, suspend, or limit your ability to drive.

You need a lawyer who knows the differences between the case in court and the case before the Department of Revenue and how the two interact.  You need a lawyer who knows when you should take a breath test and when you should exercise your right to refuse.  Carl Kinsky understands the hidden pitfalls in this area of the law.

You need a lawyer who can marshal the evidence to protect you.  You need a lawyer who understands that just because the officer has an opinion that you are under the influence doesn’t mean your driving was impaired.  You need a lawyer who understands how the field sobriety tests can mislead.   Carl Kinsky knows how to get the dash cam and booking videos that can show your innocence.

For most of us, driving is essential.  If you can’t drive, you can’t get to work.   If you need a CDL, if you can’t drive, you can’t work.  You need a lawyer who understands how high the stakes are.  Carl Kinsky understands that a DWI, a driving while suspended or revoked, and other serious tickets are about more than a criminal conviction – it’s about your livelihood and your life.


Family Law

Few challenges are as daunting as a change in your family or with someone you love.  You need a lawyer that will listen.  You know what matters most – whether that’s trying to save the relationship, spending more time with your children, or avoiding getting taken to the cleaners.  Carl Kinsky will put your concerns first.

You also need a lawyer that is honest.  You need a lawyer who can help you make decisions not based solely on the emotions of the moment, but on a clear understanding of the long-term consequences.  Carl Kinsky’s experience can help you get through these difficult times.

We offer services in all areas of family law, including the following areas:

–              Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements

–              Divorce

–              Motions to modify

–              Paternity

–              Child support

–              Child custody and visitation

–              Relocation motions

–              Contempt motions

–              Grandparent rights

–              Guardianship

–              Protection orders



Personal Injury

When you are injured because of another person’s negligence or wrongdoing, you need a lawyer who will help you get full compensation for what happened to you.  This means medical costs, lost wages, damages for pain and suffering, and sometimes punitive or exemplary damages. Carl Kinsky will work hard to get you all the compensation to which you are entitled.

We represent personal injury clients on a contingency fee basis.  That means our clients pay no attorney fees unless we recover.

Contingency fees mean you need a lawyer you can trust.  You need a lawyer who won’t settle a case cheap to make a quick buck.  You need a lawyer who is willing to put skin in the game, who is willing to invest time and sometimes money to get a fair deal.  If we take your case, we will work to get the best possible result

You also need a lawyer who will let you know when you need a different lawyer.  You can trust Carl Kinsky.  If we can’t do right by you, we will tell you that your case should be handled by someone else.  We will help you find the lawyer that’s right for you.


Small Businesses

As the owner of a small business, Carl Kinsky understands the pride you take in your work, the independence and gumption it takes to run your own business, and the ambitions you have to see it thrive.  We will help you find the right corporate structure for your business, whether as a limited liability corporation, a general or limited partnership, or as a sole proprietor.

We will help you draft contracts that work – contracts that allow business to get done, not that are riddled with “gotchas” to trap the unwary.

If you find yourself in business litigation, Carl Kinsky understands how unfair it can be.  The bigger business has the money to sink into the lawsuit, while the small business owner has to stretch every dollar.  In one of his jury trials that he is most proud of, Carl Kinsky successfully defended a small business that was sued by a larger business that claimed it breached a contract.  For the larger business, the case was about the money.  For the small business owners, the case was about their independence and their dreams.


Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just for the rich and famous.  All of us owe it to ourselves and those we love to plan for our disability or death. 

We can help you prepare a power of attorney, giving another person authority to make decisions for you if you are unable to make the decisions yourself.  These powers of attorney can be broad or limited in scope, and can cover health care decisions.  We can also help you prepare a health care directive, setting forth now what medical procedures you want or don’t want if later on you are physically or mentally unable to make the call.

We can help you with how your property is titled.  You may want a joint tenancy, so that your property goes to a joint tenant who survives you.  You may want a beneficiary deed so your property goes to whomever you want on your death, but during your lifetime you are free to revoke the beneficiary deed and transfer the property to someone else.

We can help you with trusts, whether revocable or irrevocable.   Trusts can help you reduce probate and administrative costs, can transfer assets to your beneficiaries quicker, and can protect the privacy of your financial affairs.

We can help you with your last will and testament.  You can leave your assets to specific people or groups or you can leave your assets to trusts to manage for specific people or groups, such as spouses or children.